Hey friends, thanks for checking us out!

At SD Livinit our passion is to help create memorable, healthy and fun experiences on the water and on the shore by being the dog friendly, green friendly alternative- your bud with the gear. Always ready to hook it up with a little prior notice!

There’s a bunch of reasons why we’re the smart choice for group rentals or beach parties, here’s just a few…

We’re small, but because of our size, we’re able to be flexible and accommodating to our guests, to ensure we’re doing whatever we can to help create the best day on the water, period. 

We offer low group rates and deliver to many SD County locations for all day use.

With us, you won’t get lost in any big crowds  or herded into any busy group of renters. No busy shop, no B.S.

We take each group as an opportunity to earn your loyalty and while you’re out here, we’ll treat you like family.

We can accommodate groups from as little as 3-5 all the way to 30+ people on our array of water gear ( kayaks, SUPs, floats).

Upon request we can set up party gear like canopies, games, speakers, coolers, a futon daybed and more! Just let us know what you need and we can bring all the makings of a bad ass beach or paddle party!

Group rentals to SD are available for  5+ people or $250 minimum rental.


Upon arrangement we can offer special night party packages, provide and set up bar-bq’s, fire pits and tiki torches all creating a special night on the bay.images

Text or call for reservations or more info

(858) 367-0420