To minimize meet up confusion for our guest and drivers, (and to offer those unfamiliar with good places to launch a kayak or SUP some suggestions), we have compiled a list of pre-set Launch Locations between Del Mar and Downtown San Diego that are pinned on a map with their corresponding street address ( as well as having other location notes) to make meetups as smooth and stress-free as possible.

These beach or bay locations in and around San Diego Bay, Mission Bay, Mission Beach, PB, La Jolla, have all been selected based on their ease of access and other features that make paddling out easier or more enjoyable.

That might include better parking options, free or paid, dog friendly, crowded, but all these variables can certainly add to or detract from the experience.

Mission Bay Launch Spots

Mission Bay almost always has good conditions for kayaking or Stand Up Paddling for all levels, with dozens of distinct areas to explore. Even more, Mission Bay is protected from direct waves and on shore winds, allowing for typically calm and mild paddling conditions.

  • Leisure Lagoon San Diego. There is no launching of kayaks or SUP’s in the lagoon portion of leisure lagoon, which is a designated swim only zone (Kayak & SUP Accessible from the west side of the point) 
  • South Shores Boat Launching Area South Shores Parkway, San Diego, CA (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • Fiesta Island (Island Entrance)- (Kayak & SUP Accessible) 
  • Playa Pacifica- (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • Old Mission Bay Visitors Center- (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • Sunset Point (near the Dana hotel)- (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • Vacation Isle Park- (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • Bonita Cove- (Kayak & SUP Accessible) 
  • Bare Foot Bar- (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • Paradise Point Resort & Spa Vacation Road, San Diego, CA- (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • 3700 Crown Point Dr, San Diego, CA 92109- (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • Ski Beach Park, 1600 Vacation Rd, San Diego, CA 92109- (Please be mindful of the  jet ski and boat traffic!!! This area is an all boating zone and they often go at very high speeds in this area.)– (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • Hospitality Point- (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • Bahia Point- (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • Ventura Cove Park Gleason Road, San Diego, CA- (Kayak & SUP Accessible) 
  • Mariner’s Point Park Mariners Way, San Diego, CA- (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • De Anza Cove Park North Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, CA- (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • 4009 Fanuel St, San Diego, CA 92109- (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • Fiesta Island Rd, San Diego, CA 92109 (Bonfire Area)- (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • 4070 Dawes St, San Diego, CA 92109- 12 minutes- (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • Mission Point Park- (Kayak & SUP Accessible)
  • Mission Jetty- (Please be extremely mindful of the surf zones and stay out of the way, it can be very dangerous!!! Kayak or SUP accessible- Experienced kayaker’s only)

To avoid potential complications or unnecessary confusion that using a gps can cause, each party is going to send their location once they are close to the pre-set pin drop location via the send location //location send button// on app