Helping people have a great time on and off the water, it’s what we love to do…

It’s a fact…
People love getting together to celebrate, socialize, party and recreate on or near the water probably more than any other places. Kayaking and Paddle Boarding are not only a great way to get some physical activity and exercise, but they are also some of the best ways to bring people together in unique, adventurous and beautiful settings to enjoy the best beaches and bays that San Diego has to offer- Also, with San Diego’s year around perfect climate, pretty much any day is a great day to get out there and enjoy!


We bring the party to you…

Whether you’re a small group of friends looking for something relaxing to do- kayaking around La Jolla cove, snorkeling or catching some rays; or a family looking for a healthy and fun outdoor activity that everyone will be excited about- or even if your crew tends to go a bit harder- wants to set up a float party off Fiesta Island, bust out the adult beverages, bbq, beats and light up a nice big bonfire- just let us know what type of vibe you’re looking for and we’ll help you make it happen.

When it comes to taking care of your group, team, family, crew, or party people- SD Livinit has you covered.

Just like with our individual rentals we pride ourselves on flexible, reliable service with a lot less of the typical rental shop hassles. Also, as with our individual rentals we believe your group rentals should be about spending quality time together having lot’s of fun, not worrying about the time or being nickeled and dimed. With ALL DAY rentals, for one low price you get to enjoy the whole time without limits. Just simply let us know when you’re wrapping up or you can pre-set a time you want to have the gear picked up and we’ll be there. It’s that simple:)

Our Party Packages are perfect for:

  • Birthdays Parties (Fun for all ages but easily tailored to any age group)
  • Bachelor or Bachelorette (recreational activities/ or party time)
  • Family Reunions (very family friendly and way cheaper than most group activities)
  • Sports Teams or Organizations (Great for building teams and bonding opportunities)

A perfect place for Team Building…

Spending quality time with co-workers, colleagues or whatever team you’re trying to build has never been easier, more affordable or fun!
You get to choose the day, the time and the location where you want to meet- just let us know how many people are in your group. We bring kayak and paddle board gear for up 36 people (a combination of single kayaks, double kayaks, triple kayaks, Stand Up Paddle Boards and
the Titan Giant SUP ). We can also recommend beach or bay locations that have been great for many different types of gatherings. Just choose the gear that best fits your gathering needs and confirm the size of your group.

Ultimate Party Package

For as little as ($20 per person/ for all day use )
( groups up to 36 paddlers- kayak/ SUP riders, and up to 8 Inflatable Float Loungers** )
Package comes with delivery, pick up at the end, and up to:

  • 12- Stand Up Paddle Boards (with Life Jacket, Paddle and Leash)-

good for 12 people

  • 12- Single Kayaks (with seat Pads, Life Jackets and Paddles)

good for 12 People

  • 1- Double Kayaks (with seat Pads, Life Jackets and Paddles)-

good for 2 People

  • 2- Triple Kayaks(with seat Pads, Life Jackets and Paddles)-

good for up to 6* people (Triple Kayaks are ideally used with a smaller third passenger a child or a dog)

  • Titan Giant SUP (with 2 Paddles and Up to 4 Life Jackets)-

good for up to 4 people

  • Inflatable Party Islands

Good for up to 8 people– very comfortably and per manufacturers recommendation. (Honestly, I’ve seen a lot more people lounging at one time…just saying)

  • A Large Cooler (Full of ICE by request)
  • Optional firewood and lighter fuel for bonfire (by request)
  • (Also included is an assortment of beach toys and sports equipment for kids of all ages. Sand toys, frisbees, volleyballs, footballs, soccer balls, bad-mitten, smash ball and more are available by request)

For quotes any questions of to make a reservation, please select the Ultimate Party Package